Virtual Classroom

More than a video meeting

The Most Powerful Solution for your Online Lessons

Introduction to Online Classroom


Smart phone, Tablet, Laptop or a computer with a webcam


1-on-1 or group lessons

How to use it

After sign up, use "Online lessons" on your dashboard.

Helpful learning aids

Apart from the option of a private or group lesson, you can also utilize a range of practical learning tools. They will make you feel like you are in a real classroom.

Video & Audio Connect

You can choose to share your camera, open & mute your mic, plus many more controls. Collaborative tools can enhance engagement beyond just video conferencing.

Editing notes in real-time

Real time notes can be edited, recorded and shared. Notes will be immediately available for the students to export after the lesson.

Interactive Whiteboard

Draw and write together on the online whiteboard in your virtual classroom. Great for team sessions, group activities and STEM courses.


Record & archive your online classes. The entire lesson can be recorded. The recordings will be available for students to review after the lessons.


Download, upload and manage recordings, school notes, presentations and PDF/Word docs. Make learning and revising simple and effective.

Video Play

Share online videos (e.g. YouTube, Vimeo) with everyone in the classroom in real time. Playing course related videos in your lessons is a great way to capture students attention.

Screen Sharing

Screen sharing makes sure students are following along and helps teachers adjust speed. Show your learners how to use new tools and software while answering their questions in real time with screen sharing.

Breakout Rooms

Encourage students to work together on group projects with breakout rooms. Drag & drop students to specific breakout rooms to give them a space to work together.

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