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Suzannah B.
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Teaching Experience for English

I am a qualified and experienced English teacher of 16 years. I have taught across both South Australia and Victoria, both in primary and secondary education. My experience has been 14 years in private independent schools and 2 years in both public and private schools (from Prep/Reception - Year 12). I have been the Head of English at a private independent school, as well as being a debating and public speaking coordinator. I am a qualified NAPLAN marker, which assists students to understand the complexities of NAPLAN and I am also an educational consultant - teaching teachers and schools about how to improve teaching practices.

I am passionate about English as a subject area and love helping students reach their potential! I love creative writing, explicit essay writing and all forms of text types. Reading is a hobby of mine and I love all different genres - I really enjoy discussing novels with students to find out what they think about different styles, perspectives, plots etc. I am also extremely passionate about ICT and media - a number of years ago, I wrote an academic paper about how ICT and technology can be a great tool to teach many subject areas (including English) and presented this paper at a National English Conference in Hobart. Over the years, I have made many films for schools, universities and businesses - I love using film as a medium to explore ideas about the world!

With 16 years teaching experience working with students, I have a proven track record of excellent student results and I believe I can help any child achieve their full potential. I have worked with many special needs students and students with learning difficulties and I am passionate about ensuring all students are able to work at their own ability.

Teaching Experience for English Advanced

As mentioned, I have 16 years of English teaching experience and am confident and capable of teaching all forms of English. Highly skilled and qualified educator.

Teaching Experience for English Extension

I love pushing students to achieve their goals and give lots of feedback to students who excel and extend in English. As a teacher of many years experience, I love developing ideas with students and give them a chance to mould and shape their writing, gain a clear understanding of grammar, sentence structure and punctuation.

Teaching Experience for English Standard

As discussed, I am able to teach English to all ability levels.

Teaching Experience for English Studies

I have had a few years experience in assisting students in this subject area, as my main area of expertise is Middle schooling. I have worked with Year 11/Year 12 students in English studies over the past 2 years.

Teaching Experience for Ancient History

I have many years teaching about Ancient History. I find it so interesting to teach about the ancient world, including the discoveries (the remains of the past and what we know) and the mysteries (what we do not know) about this period of history, in a range of societies in places including Australia, Egypt, Greece, Rome, India and China.

Teaching Experience for Modern History

I have many years experience teaching this subject.

Teaching Experience for Geography

I have taught Geography from Years 6-10 over 16 years.

Teaching Experience for Information and Digital Technology

I am really passionate about this subject and have skills in a variety of areas to assist students in their learning.

Teaching Experience for Video Production

This is something I have taught and engaged in for most of my life. I love creating films and teaching students about Video production.

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