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Teaching Experience for Psychology

I am a passionate Psychology teacher who enjoys engaging students in learning by linking course content to what is relevant in students' lives. I have experience in developing units of learning, assessment and learning resources that align with current curriculum. My teaching experience has been in secondary high schools in Victoria and Queensland.

Ability to explain concepts and key knowledge to assist students with learning and retaining information. Understand that students have a preference for how they learn: Kinetic, Visual, Aural, Verbal. I utilise this information to draw on resources that can further consolidate learning and memory.

*Secondary school VCE Units 1 & 2, 3 &4
*Secondary school QCE Units 1 & 2 and year 10

Teaching Experience for Geography

Experience in developing sequences of teaching and learning that draws connections with broad topics (i.e Water, Liveability, Landforms and Landscapes, Biomes and Food Security; ) across different conceptual themes (i.e Consumer and Financial Literacy, Outdoor Living) as set out by the Australian Curriculum Years 7-10. Ability to differentiate resources and assess students learning to suit individual needs.

Assist in the development of students Geography skills:
* Collecting, recording and evaluating data
* Representing data in appropriate ways
* Interpreting, analysing and drawing conclusions from sources and data

Australian Curriculum Years 7-10

Teaching Experience for Modern History

Experience teaching modern and ancient history. Developing resources and engaging students in historical knowledge and understanding on topics: Medieval Europe, Shogunate Japan, Black Death in Asia and Europe, Spanish Conquest of America, Industrial Revolution, Australian History, WWI, WWII, Rights and Freedoms, Popular Culture, Migration experiences.

Providing learning opportunities and supporting students to practise historical skills that include:
*Using historical concepts and terms
*Drawing conclusions from sources
*Identifying origin and purpose of primary sources
*Analyse different historical interpretations
*Scaffolding students through assessments: Essay writing, source analysis

Australian Curriculum Years 7-10

Teaching Experience for ESL

Lived and worked overseas teaching English in South Korea to students aged 2-14 years.

Experience teaching newly arrived ESL/EAL learners Victoria in several English language schools and secondary schools. Planning units of teaching and learning to ensure students are able to access an intensive full-time program to assist them in the initial stages of learning English in line with the EAL companion to AusVELS. Focus teaching and learning on: Speaking & Listening, Reading and Viewing, Writing.

*Plan appropriate EAL activities (age and culturally sensitive)
*Implement strategies in class activities that are EAL specific
*Understand the complexities of learning a new language

EAL Developmental Continuum Year 7-10

Teaching Experience for Special needs - Autism

Experience in teaching and tutoring students with Autism.

*Structure sessions with a regular routine
*Find out students interests and hobbies and integrate into learning
*Enhance communication with visuals cues
*Explicit instructions and communication
*Clear start and finish points
*Reduce background noise

Primary and secondary school students.

Teaching Experience for English

Experience working with kindergarten and primary students in a one-to-one tutoring environment on literacy skills; Reading, writing, speaking, listening. Teaching students different strategies to assist with strengthening their literacy skills.

*Paragraph writing: TEEL paragraph structure
*Reading: decoding; reading comprehension strategies; reading aloud
*Use graphic organisers to plan writing and ideas

Kindergarten and primary students

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