We help teachers in both ways

Benefits of Local Lessons

  • Flexibility

    You can choose your favourite spot. It can be your home, coffee shop or library.

  • Inspirations

    Teaching is not just about knowledge. We know how inspiring the eye contact and heart-warming you face-to-face encouragement can be.

  • Teaching tools

    Local lessons may help you access more teaching resource to achieve better learning outcomes.

  • Focus

    Local lessons may cut off distractions and help you stay focus.

Benefits of Online Lessons

  • Accessible

    Meet with nation-wide experts, no matter where you are and no matter what you want to learn.

  • Affordable

    Online lessons are typically cheaper than local in-person lessons.

  • Efficient

    Collaborate with features of online learning tools and help you succeed in leaning.

  • Convenience

    Save travel time & easily schedule a lesson.

How Local Lessons Work

  • Search & Book Online

    Search for teachers, check their profiles, find the right one and schedule a lesson.

  • Select a Location

    Select a suitable location. Your home, coffee shop or library is not a bad idea.

  • Connect

    Chat with your selected teachers before your first lesson.

How Online Lessons Work

  • Search & Book Online

    Same with local lessons

  • Connect

    Just log into Airstudy classroom through your account. You can see and talk to your instructor online.

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